Oscars 2021: Are they planning something we’ve never seen before?

Oscars 2021: Are they planning something weve never seen before?


Jason Alwang, Editor

This Sunday, April 26, 2021 the 93rd annual Oscars will take place and producers are promising it will be one to remember. The Oscars is the awards show for films and actors. There are several different categories, among the most popular are, best picture, best actor/actress, best feature film, and best original song. Those are the main awards given out however there are plenty of others within acting and filmmaking. 

Normally for the Oscars some of the countries biggest icons would get to walk the red carpet however, we don’t know what exactly they’re planning this year for the show because the producers have promised that it will be something we’ve never seen before. In a article by Nate Day of Fox News got some information from producer Steven Soderbergh, “The “Erin Brockovich” director, 58, said that the show will be shot like a movie with presenters, including Brad Pitt,  Halle Berry and more “playing themselves, or at least a version of themselves.” Nobody knows exactly what this means but it does give you a small idea of what the show is going to be like this year.

Soderbergh had said right from the opening how it’s going to be a entertaining show, “Right out of the gate, people are going to know: ‘We’ve got to put our seatbelt on.”’ When exactly we’re going to be entertained or surprised, we don’t know all we know is that the producers have something you normally don’t see for the Oscars planned. Now no one knows what this means but will have to wait and see what the 93rd annual Oscars has in store when it goes live on Sunday, April 26 at 8PM eastern time on ABC.