Two teen girls charged with carjacking and murder of Pakistani Uber Eats Driver

Two teen girls charged with carjacking and murder of Pakistani Uber Eats Driver

Amritha Suresh, Editor

Two teenage girls, aged 13 and 15 are charged with carjacking and the murder of Pakistani immigrant and father, Mohammad Anwar. 


Mohammad worked as an Uber Eats driver, and the girls got into his car at 4.30 pm on March 23rd, acting as if they needed a ride to a local park. Once the car arrived at the park however, one of the girls tased Anwar with a stun gun(a more weaponized form of a taser). 

There was an apparent struggle, and Anwar got out of the car. Bystanders heard him yell, “They’re thieves! This is my car!” But when he tried to get back into the car, one of the girls reached over from the passenger’s seat and turned the ignition on and ‘manipulated’ the gear shift, the detective testified. 

The car then moved forward, with Mohammad Anwar hanging outside of the driver side door. The car then hit something, causing the door to swing back and hit him. Bystanders watched as Anwar flew from the car and onto the sidewalk, the impact caused a head injury and multiple broken bones. He was transported to a hospital eventually, but later passed away from his injuries. 

Once Anwar fell out of the car, the car lunged forward, causing it to flip over twice, even just drifting on two wheels at one point. 

When the car crashed, the two girls were pulled out of the wreck by 2 national guard troops that were already in the area. 

Last Wednesday the girls made their first appearance in court, and plead ‘not involved’ which is the equivalent to ‘not guilty’ in juvenile court. 

One of the girls told Metropolitan police that they set out that day with a stun gun, with the intention of just stealing a car, not of murder. 

Mohammad’s family is devastated, and on their gofund me page, says, “Anwar was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one,” . “He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly.” 

The fund for Mohammad’s family has raised $945,951 dollars so far. Condolences go to Mohammad’s family as they deal with this horrific loss.