SWHS Music and Covid

SWHS Music and Covid

Jenieke Calloway, Writer

The music program at South Windsor High School is one to be cherished and appreciated for many continuing  years – it holds the creativity and talents of students across the school, and it allows a place for music lovers to grow even more. After decades of live performances, large audiences, and field trips made to show their talents, the students at SWHS were at a standstill at the start of the pandemic and quarantine. 


Performing became completely virtual and harder for students to feel motivated and happy playing instruments to their computer instead of a full audience. “Unlike math or history, which can rely on individual study, collaborative ensembles like band, chorus and orchestra cannot,” says Emilee Lindner, writer for the Grammy Recording Academy.  “With social distancing measures in place, getting a band of 50 students placed six feet apart in one room is, well, impossible.”


And this has rang true for SWHS students, as choir students weren’t given clearance to sing until November this year. With half of the students at home and some still going in full time, assembling as a full group is not possible as the year continues.


This lack of music has drained motivation all over even to those that are most invested in it. “I have seen show choir impact the unlikely of kids in the most unlikely ways,” says Emma Luxembourg, a Choral Spectrum student leader in 2017-2018. “Show chair made me more creative, more disciplined, but most importantly gave me one of many passions.” But as the pandemic progresses and vaccines are being distributed, students are gaining more hope and are even returning back to in person school. The year’s trajectory has changed direction and more people are gaining hope for music programs the next school year.


 Music from talented and loved students is anticipated for the next year, and students are happy to return and share their passions for music live.