Tom Brady and Drew Brees play each other in one of the most memorable games of both athletes careers

Tom Brady and Drew Brees play each other in one of the most memorable games of both athletes careers

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

2 weeks ago, 2 legendary quarterbacks play, in what could be one of the most memorable games in history.

Drew Brees has plans to end his career soon, and if this was his last game, it was definitely one to go out with. Brees had played against Brady many times before, even in college 20 years ago. The 2 trained hard and earned the spot of being 2 of the most remembered and talented players on the field. This game meant so much to the players since Brees and Brady had gotten to know each other over the many years they played.

After the game, Brees met with Brady, who congratulated him on his career and the game. It was truly a heartfelt moment, “Love you man” says Tom Brady, the Buccaneers quarterback. The hug and 3 words Brady says to Brees, created a moment the teams and their fans will never forget.

The fact that this may quite possibly be Drew Brees last game, adds to the whole significance of that day. Even though Brees lost, his team put in their best effort, and the day will be one he will be proud to remember, “I appreciate all that this game has given to me. There are obviously so many incredible memories.” Brees stated.

The day was a happy one, with a lot of positive energy in the air, despite the Saints lost that game.

Many fans show their love and support for Brees after the game. One reflects on Brees over the years, and his determination, perseverance and strive to do his best, “Brees fought doubt with confidence. He fought fear with faith. He didn’t give up. He didn’t lose hope.” Katherine Clark states.

From the first time on the field to now, Brees has improved so much, and has always been determined to play, and is definitely a player people will remember. For Tom Brady, he still plans on playing a few more years with the Buccaneers, after he switched over from the Patriots this year.

The next week Brady and his team went against Green Bay, another strong team this season. Players like Aronn Rodgers and Davante Adams definitely made the game a struggle, but the Buccaneers were able to pull through and take the win 31-26, earning them a spot at this year’s Superbowl where they will take on the Kansas City Chiefs.