21 charged in large scale drug ring

21 charged in large scale drug ring

Amritha Suresh, Editor

21 have been charged, including current and former university students, for participation in a “large-scale drug ring”. The drugs sold by the ring include  mass amounts of cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, LSD, narcotics, ecstasy, mushrooms, human growth hormones, and tons of other illegal drugs.

The drugs were distributed on campuses of schools all over North Carolina, including UNC Chapel Hill, Duke University, and Appalachian University. Some UNC fraternity members were involved in connections with this drug ring, resulting in the drugs being most widely distributed through UNC’s Kappa Sigma, Phi Gamma Delta, and Beta Theta Phi fraternities. UNC suspended its university recognition of these fraternities, as narcotic abuse goes against the universities key morals.

 The drugs were sold by the US Postal service, by vehicle, and through frat houses during parties- the bigger the party, the more drugs were supplied for sale. The payment methods for these drugs were very sophisticated, they included encrypted apps, and electronic payment methods such as venmo. Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood called the operation “brazen”, meaning bold and without shame. Overall, the drug network earned more than 1.5 million dollars in sales.

Two people overdosed on drugs during the police’s investigation of the drug ring. A large scale drug network like this is uncommon, and not something to worry about, for any incoming college freshmen. The police are aware of this drug ring, and are working to prevent anything like this to ever snowball to this size.