Athletes and Sports Staff come together to transform their training facilities into voting areas

Athletes and Sports Staff come together to transform their training facilities into voting areas

Katelyn Drenga, Editor

Athletes and sports staff have been transforming their training facilities across the country, in order to create polling booths and give Americans a safe chance to vote during Covid-19.


2020 has been like no other year. With the Virus, violence, wildfires and racism many are turning towards the election for hope. No matter what side, many Americans find voting important, especially with all that has occurred in our lives. With the Virus around it is anything but easy to stay safe and vote, which is why sports staff and Athletes are working hard to create voting areas.


Voting doesn’t just determine the president but the future of the country. 3 star basketball players believe that everyone deserves a chance to contribute into the important decision.


Along with Lebron James,Anthony Davis and Quinn Cook who all pushed for voters rights, many more have also joined along the chain. Paul Millsap, a Denver Nuggets Player, offered his training facility for voters. Determined to give voters hope during this hardship the athlete believes, “it’s about making things happen.” Millsap goes on to state, “ It’s not just about talking, I felt, in this community, I could open up my facility and alleviate some of that stress. These are the votes that we’ve been missing over the years.” Said Millsap.


Voting is important to begin with, Americans are allowed the leader they believe will do the best job for america. The rising concerns of Covid have been allarming to Americans across the country. It is becoming harder to find places to vote now and one determined Falcons manager is not going to let Americans lose the opportunity to.



Scott Pioli,Assistant general manager of the Atlanta Falcons has been a big figure when it comes to the movement formed by sports athletes and coaches. After working alongside  RISE (Ross Initiative Sports Equality) Scott expressed his ideas on the importance of these booths.


But the plan to transform training facilities into voting stations means more than how it appears. Many sports staff members are working to create safe places for people who are facing racial minorities as well as people who are living in poor conditions. As athletes and teams work together their main goal is not just about voting but much more than that, “Doing this work isn’t just about voting,Voting is about racial equity and equality.” Scott says.  

And it is not just players working to create change. Kathy Boockvar, who works as secretary of state in Pennsylvania has noticed what these athletes are doing and is inspired by it. Boockvar expresses her ideas to the washington post, “.“Having so much that we have been unable to do this year, I think the athletes and teams understood that this was a whole other role they could play. They put their money where their mouth was.”


While the world is struggling, many are working together to create a chance for voters in poverty, and voters facing racial discrimination who have been hit the hardest this year. Athletes that kids look up to are standing up as even bigger role models by fighting for hope this election for all americans. These athletes and sports managers are now not just inspiring others by their game on the court or field but in the real world as people who are empowered to push through the struggle and into the light ahead.