Swim Team still practicing, pushing through during pandemic

Swim Team still practicing, pushing through during pandemic

Andrew Kotait, Writer

The South Windsor High School Swim Team is holding covid safe dryland practices at Nevers Park during the week, while awaiting for their season to start in December. The Swim Team at the school has always struggled in the school from budgetary complications to lack of team members joining. 

When the pandemic hit it seemed very unlikely that the team would have anything close to a season, however that is not the case for these swimmers. The seniors on the team have been holding dryland practices at nevers park twice a week. These practices are meant to condition and work the team for the season, while also maintaining the teaminship and bond between the swimmers.

  Captain Ryan Dunia helps run the exercises keeping old dryland traditions in what the team does at the practices.

 ¨Me and the other seniors are really trying to keep the same spirit of the team by holding these practices¨ Ryan says ¨we are outside and being safe wearing masks and keeping distant. It is very important to stand together as a team even in these trying times.

¨The team consists of a variety of students which helps create a bond between the swimmers. These practices help feed that bond. Kieran Yanaway is a senior on the team and has been swimming on the team for 4 years. 

¨This team has really shaped my high school experience” Kieran explains ¨When the pandemic hit I was saddened by the reality that we may not have a season, these dryland practices however have really made me feel like I’m on a team again. ¨ 

With the state recently going back into phase 2 with the pandemic a winter season for these boys seems more and more unlikely, however that is not stopping them from being the best team they can be no matter the circumstances.