Yearbook Class At SWHS

Yearbook Class At SWHS

Cael Brennan, Editor

This year South Windsor High School classes have faced insurmountable amounts of obstacle and difficulty in navigating the Covid-19 virus whilst educating in fun and engaging ways. One specific course that required creativity and nuance to continue was the Yearbook Class. The ordinary descriptors of Yearbook Class include, physically getting engaged in the school, capturing gatherings and clubs with photography, or whipping up story after story of students having fun in school. Which as many can imagine is quite a difficult feat to achieve when a substantial amount of the student body is most efficiently identified by their Zoom avatar.


A Member of this year’s yearbook course is junior student Milla Daigle. Very excited and challenged by forming the new edition Daigle shared some insights on the apparent challenge of making a good book, “It’s been super difficult to get photos and such since we need a lot of photos of classrooms and most people are 100% online. Although, we have been making it work through a lot of teamwork and working as a group.” The creative strategies necessary towards making the yearbook a great edition really has been tested. 

Daigle further explains with the insight of how being a part of the course is like day today, “We’ve moved almost entirely online this year, and really the only things we’re doing in person are some photos of the environment/certain events. Other than that, our interviews and photos for interviews are entirely online and through text.”


She says the Yearbook is extremely representative of this year and I couldn’t agree more. Even as a Journalist for the school I couldn’t grasp having to get that many photos in order to exemplify a year mostly spent through a screen. But at the same time, many believe classes at SWHS, are making profound efforts in maintaining and even sometimes improving upon life at school. Daigle seems to share the sentiment as she concludes her feelings on being a part of Yearbook,  “Despite the changes, it’s been interesting and fun to face the challenges that come with online classes. It’s also been really great to work with the rest of the yearbook staff, and I think we’re gonna be able to make a great book.”