Tiller’s Awaited Comeback


Jenieke Calloway, Writer

Bryson Tiller, a praised R&B artist, has just released a new album titled Anniversary on October 2nd, 5 years after his debut album Trapsoul. It features 10 r&b songs that reached number 1 on the Billboard top r&b albums chart after his long hiatus. “It’s been a long time without this brand of atmospheric R&B. A long time without the necessary sad raps. A long time without our needed dose of trap soul. But finally, Bryson Tiller has dropped his third studio album Anniversary,” Henry Owens says from Complex Australia Magazine. 

It comes with varying tracks that range from fast-paced beats and raps, slower ballads with high notes, and soft classic r&b melodies about relationships and heartbreaks. The songs bleed into each other, creating smooth transitions between songs, and posing stories within Anniversary, Noor Lobad, a writer for Hot New Hip Hop news thinks.“Songs like “Always Forever,” “Sorrows,” and “Years Go By,” are surefire hits,” Lobad says.  “and the album as a whole features Tiller’s characteristic admissions of love and heartbreak over soothing instrumentals, ensuring a gratifying listening experience.”

Even features on the album received praise from reviewers, with those tracks gaining the most traction.”The 6 God himself Drake contributes to the celebration that is Anniversary on the track “Outta Time”. It’s an ear-catching ballad that finds both artists thriving in vocal contrast,” Owens says. The song received 11 million plays on Spotify alone and peaked at number 41 on the Billboard charts.

Yet younger audiences like high school students, many were not pleased with the outcome of his album, Like Nyah Henry, a fan and regular listener of Bryson Tiller. “I liked it, but it didn’t hit how Trapsoul did. He had some good songs, but I don’t know I didn’t feel it in my soul,” Henry says. This was a popular opinion online also, with many Twitter users giving the same thoughts as Henry. 

Bryson shared appreciation for people’s support on Twitter and has been celebrating this release with friends and family and hoping for new fans after this album.