Meet The New Staff At The Bobcat Prowl


This year is a new and unique year for the Bobcat Prowl with a variety of voices and passionate Journalists leading the face of news at South Windsor High School. It will feature three returning Journalists, Noah Gehris, Cael Brennan, and Jason Alwang. Along with six new and fresh voices,  Katelyn Drenga, Samanta Deras, Amritha Suresh, Collin Bullock, Jenike Calloway, and Andrew Kotait. This year is going to be a fun and exciting continuation.


Sophomore Katelyn Drenga is excited to be a member of The Bobcat Prowl. Drenga is a dedicated runner and member of the Orchestra, as she has been playing Violin since 4th grade and runs for Cross Country, whilst today she gets to add Journalist as one of her many passions. Drenga believes there are several things that make a strong journalist, “someone good at backing up facts, and always seeks a multitude of sides” in addition, “helping others get to know the events around them.” For someone who in three words described themselves as, “kind, quiet,and motivated”, Drenga does know how to make one strong point. And Upon being asked what she is most excited to cover she stated, “sports, culture and people.”


 Sophomore Amritha Suresh is a friendly and outgoing person who is looking forward to taking Journalism this year because she believes that she wants to pursue a career in writing and this class will help determine that. Suresh is in FCLA for the second year in a row and also partaken in Model UN last year and likes spending her free time hanging with friends. This year Suresh is going to focus on the politics section of the Bobcat Prowl. She believes that in order to be a good journalist you must give credible information and be honest in your writing, which means no bias. 


Junior Samantha Deras is a passionate, organized, and creative person. Deras is also creative in the way she writes which is going to be an amazing asset to the prowl. Deras also likes to dissect things down to a bone. While watching a movie, you’ll find Deras dissecting them piece by piece, which is key for making an article. A writer needs to break down their story little by little, and that’s what Deras brings to the table. Deras talked about how she is going to be resourceful to the prowl, bringing her hardworking skills to the Prowl. and we can’t wait to see what they do for the website. 


Collin Bullock is a 12th grade student at South Windsor High School partaking in his first year of being a journalist for The Bobcat Prowl. “I enjoy writing, and wanted to try something new this year”,  Bullock outside of Journalism participates in Minds Eye, enjoys listening to an array of music, and studies Norse mythology believing some day he will write a novel on the topic. And upon being asked to define the importance of Journalism he stated, “informing others because many opinions today are forged from the politics they learn from their parents or a biased source.” A very good thing to hear from someone who anticipates becoming a Journalist in his adult life.


Senior Jenieke Calloway wants to be a journalist one day and write stories in the future. She is excited to be writing about both opinion and student life categories. Calloway brings patience and also communication. Calloway has been apart of choral spectrum for three years and is also in treble choir. Calloway believes that Journalism is important because of the information that journalists provide that people rely on everyday. Also she believes you have to be dedicated and honest in your writing. 


Senior Andrew Kotait is a chill and passionate person, especially when it comes to chorus spectrum, playing the piano, and film. Andrew has actually thought about going into the film industry. when he was younger, he said, “I would love to go into film, especially when I was younger I thought about it because I loved movies.” Andrew is ready to show his perspective of a journalist this year as a part of the bobcat prowl.


In conclusion this is one year to anticipate a scope of engaging and thought provoking articles from a collection of writers whom you now know will deliver passionate, motivated and enjoyable pieces of Journalism. As the Prowl has always been dedicated towards making the stories students want to make and with this coalition of new and old pushing The Prowl’s scope further than it has ever gone. The Bobcat Prowl will be the best it’s ever been.