Salutatorian, Elizabeth Malone, and her High School Career

Salutatorian, Elizabeth Malone, and her High School Career

Caitlin Sze

It was recently announced that Elizabeth Malone would be the class of 2020’s salutatorian. Here are some of her biggest accomplishments throughout high school, and memories that will stick with her forever.

Malone was honored to have heard she was named salutatorian, for she has, “aspired to do as well as [she] can in school while also balancing extracurricular activities.” Because she was quarantined at home, it was awesome news to hear, and to her, it was rewarding because her four years of hard work had paid off. 

Some of Malone’s extracurriculars that make her stand out at South Windsor is being a part of Choral Spectrum and participating in the Unified Theatre Show during her Junior Year of High School. For Choral Spectrum, her favorite memory was winning Grand Champions her sophomore year, in which it was the last competition of the season. Malone says that, “it was fantastic to end [the season] on such a high note.” In addition to being a key member of Choral Spectrum, Malone’s biggest accomplishment was writing and directing a Unified Theatre show last year. “Designing and producing an entire show is a very long process, but [she] had the rest of the executive board with [her] through every step, and [they] were very proud of the end result.” She mentions that being a part of Unified Theatre has allowed her to, “meet a vibrant, empathetic group of people.” At Unified Theatre, she was able to make some close friends, while also digging deeper into an activity she enjoyed. 

Malone is also a member of the executive board of South Windsor For the Kids, in which the club raised over $16,000 for Connecticut Children’s Hospital. For her, it was a very rewarding experience, “because [she] was doing something beyond [herself] by organizing fundraisers.” Some of the other clubs Malone is a part of is the National Honors Society, Prom Dress Drive, Interact, which pertains to community service, and CATS, where upperclassmen give assistance to the incoming freshman to help them feel welcomed to the school community. 

When asked about advice she would give to the upcoming seniors, Malone said, “to enjoy the time that you have, because it goes by very quickly.” To everyone else, she says, “although academics are important, your mental health is more important; take care of yourself first.” 

Malone will be attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the fall to double major in cognitive psychology/neuroscience and statistics. For her, these areas of studies are versatile fields for finding a career. The South Windsor High School Community wishes Malone luck at the University of North Carolina and her future as well!