Westland, Michigan Man Posts Videos of Himself Beating Elderly People

Source: Twitter

Shanon Peckham

Source: Twitter

Jessica Vieira, Writer

One may say that Westland, Michigan is affluent with crime. With the violent crime rate the second highest in the United States after St. Louis with the rate 2,057 per 100,000 people, Westland’s residents are certainly no stranger to violence. A man, in Westland was recently arrested under suspicion of assault on an elderly nursing home patient.

The crime came to light when a man, who identified himself as Jadon Hayden on social media, posted a video of himself brutally beating an elderly man in the nursing home on his YouTube channel, which has been taken down. The video was coupled with a gruesome caption explaining why he was beating the man. The video was posted on May 15th, and police say that when the nursing home was questioned about this behavior, the staff allegedly knew about it. 

This is not the first time Hayden has posted a video of himself abusing elderly men and women. On his YouTube channel, there are countless videos of Hayden beating elderly people, often paired with a caption as grotesque as the video itself. Some videos show victims still in their hospital beds at the facility in which Hayden uploads the videos, with their hands up, trying to protect their faces. On almost every victim’s wrist, there is a hospital bracelet.

The videos are among other more casual videos of Hayden himself rating different boxers performances, or himself boxing at his gym. Aside from the assault videos that he has uploaded, the YouTube channel itself is quite casual and non-threatening. His Facebook and Twitter accounts have both been suspended as well, where he talked about beating and raping elderly people, again, among other more casual posts involving his private life. 

As of 6:30 pm on May 21st, a man has been arrested in Westland, Michigan in relation to this particular time, although his name has not been confirmed by the police.