SWHS Sponsor a Senior

Brianna Skaff, Editor

As the recent news of state-wide school shutdowns weigh down on SWHS students and faculties shoulders, there is some good news to be found. Beginning this past week, a Facebook group has been set up for SWHS students’ parent’s, where they are volunteering to give gifts to seniors. The program, titled “Sponsor a Senior,” allows parents to pick a student, and then proceed to brighten their day, whether that be with a gift basket, some candy, or small graduation gifts, the entire program is heartwarming.

The Facebook group, created by Teresa Benson, was formed as a way for parents of SWHS seniors to bring some joy into this time since they will not be able to finish out their last months as seniors. Parents are able to sign their kids up for the Facebook group, allowing other parents to pick a senior, and sponsor them. One of the members, Katherine Skaff, thought that it was a great way to show support, and signed up immediately. Skaff, whose daughter is currently a senior, believed that it would be a great way to acknowledge all of the hard work the students have done. In Skaff’s words, “South Windsor High School seniors have worked hard for 4 years and it is a shame that they will not be able to enjoy their last few months of their high school experience in person with their  friends and teachers. The Facebook Sponsor a SWHS 2020 Senior initiative is a great way to celebrate these young men and women. We, as parents, can show them how proud we are, how valued they are, and put some joy into their lives during this difficult time. Being a part of the initiative may also help the seniors feel connected to one another when they have been so isolated.”

The student that Skaff decided to sponsor is senior, Brooke Stickles. Stickles, who is attending Marist in the fall, was taken by surprise when she heard of the group; “I was completely clueless about it. My mom and my sister were telling me that seniors were getting sponsored but I still had no idea what they meant. Then my family signed me up one day and literally that night Mrs. Skaff dropped off a super cute basket! It had all of my favorite things in it and it made me feel super happy and grateful.”

As seniors, and the rest of the South Windsor High School community reflect on the news, seniors feel incredibly appreciated from the gifts. Stickles says, “I know this isn’t how we planned on ending our senior year at all, but this sponsor thing has made us all feel connected and a little bit better. I’m so appreciative of the South Windsor community and how we can come together during these tough times.”

Moving forward, make sure to check out a Facebook group and either sign yourself up, or talk to your parents about sponsoring another senior! In the words of Skaff, “Missing out on senior activities has been very disappointing for the kids. Hopefully, this will create some positive memories and lift their spirits. Thank you to Teresa Benson for creating this group and thanks to all of the members for supporting the 2020 SWHS seniors!