The Coronavirus Continues to Spread; The Latest Here

New Straight Times

New Straight Times

Lynn Sawyer, Writer

The coronavirus has rapidly spread through not only China, but now unfortunately has reached parts of the United states. In total, 36 states are underwatch for the deadly virus. The coronavirus was first suspected to not be contagious, but the New Year in China proved this statement to be false. Shortly after, the virus was discovered to be occupying the country, and during the time of Chinese New Year brought approximately 134 million Tourists to the country.     

Currently there are about 9,000 in the world affected by the disease. This was a jump from the previous day, January 30th 2020, when there were only 7,000 cases. There are nearly 700 dead from the virus.The last day of the Coronavirus has been the deadliest so far. Killing about 214 people in mainland China, in Hubei there are 48 deaths. Outside of China, there has only been one death from the virus in the philippines. The coronavirus has spread to many countries outside of Asia as well, raising many concerns for public health throughout the world. 

Many health concerns have been raised for the town and country where the infected were brought to. For example, one of the cases in the United States was transmitted to the man that got the virus through his wife. His wife had recently been to Wuhan to take care of her father. This raises concerns because she did travel back with people and walk through airports. Concerning the public, because this disease could have been spread. Many cases like this have occurred in countries other than the United States, these countries were Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, and Japan. 

Officials have deemed that in the United states there is a low risk of getting coronavirus at this time. There are only 6 confirmed cases but 195 Americanss are still under watch for the virus. These 195 Americans were evacuated from China, and are now back in the United States. The Americans under watch for the Coronavirus have been under surveillance since their return from China on Wednesday, January 29th. They will be under watch at an airbase for three days while they await tests to confirm if any of them have the virus. After the three day holding period the patients who test negative for the virus, will be able to return home. Once they return home they will still be monitored for 14 days after this. 

The public has been worried about why the patients are going to be unwatch after this time. Since,the virus should be able to be spotted in these people. Christopher R. Braden, a deputy director for disease control, has commented on the situation ““The reason we want to do active monitoring for 14 days is to determine if they can become ill during that period,”. In other words it is a precautionary measure to make sure that the disease isn’t in any of the patients who test negative. Doctor Braden has also said that if one of the patients is deemed dangerous to the community, they will be put on quarantine. 

The United States hasn’t had any confirmed causes of the coronavirus from these passengers, but there have been six confirmed cases in the United States. The first case was found in Washington. The man has since been put under isolation. The patient was hospitalized, “out of an abundance of precaution and for short-term monitoring, not because there was severe illness,” says Chris Sputter, from the Snohomish Health District. 

Since the man has been in the hospital he is now in good health. The second diagnosis of the coronavirus was in Chicago. She is 60 years old and just wants to go visit her sick dad in China. She is not being treated in Chicago. The Women did not have any symptoms while she traveled back from China. She is not in isolation, along with her husband was just diagnosed as well with the virus. This was the first case in the united states to be transmitted through human to human contact. Her husband did not go to China, so the conclusion was that he got it from his wife. The woman’s condition is good, but her husband is unknown. 

California and Arizona also have confirmed cases of the coronavirus. Still the public officials say not to worry about the virus since they are all in quarantine and no other cases have been reported. People in the united states, have been advised to stay away from China, and airports. Since the disease can be transmitted through close contact for a short period of time.

Since the disease is contagious. The worry is that if someone with the virus goes into a clinic to get help, they can infect people while they wait to be treated. The virus is also more contagious with people who are already sick, or older. Since, the virus is contagious most flights to Wuhan have been canceled, with British and Canada air being the first to cancel all flights to and from China. All flights by all airlines have been canceled going into and out of Wuhan. Companies that are still allowing travel to and from China are screening their passengers.