Shooting Erupts During a Dallas High School Basketball Game


Fox 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth

Kelli Mann, Writer

On Saturday, January 11th, two people were left injured after gunfire erupted during at a high school basketball game in Dallas, Texas. The shooting took place South Oak Cliff High, who were playing Kimball High School. A 15-year-old boy was arrested after claiming responsibility of the shooting and is facing aggravated assault charges.  

Spokeswoman, Robyn Harris, said that the shooting occurred right around 9: 10 p.m. in Ellis Davis Field House. Students and attendees at the game reported they heard 4 gunshots, during the second half of the game. One of the victims, an 18-year-old man, was left in serious condition due to receiving a bullet to the chest. 

The shooting occurred just hours after a celebration for South Oak Cliff High’s reopening following a two year, $52 million renovation. Harris told the Dallas Morning News that the victim is not believed to be a student of the district. Alongside the man, a Dallas Independent School District Officer was grazed by a bullet but remains is in stable condition. Referring to the officer, Harris said, “She did put herself in harm’s way to safely secure the area.” 

Immediately after the shooting, the shooter slipped out of the building among the crowd of panicked spectators. Police released two images of three people of interest related to this case. Eventually the shooter turned himself in and was arrested. The other two students in the photos were identified and no longer being charged. As a result of this shooting, the district will be looking into altering security measures at these sporting events. 

“We absolutely have a screening process that includes clear bags. We implemented a clear bag policy like you see at many of the stadiums. We do not house metal detectors here, and so that’s something that I imagine that we will quickly and swiftly be looking at,” Harris said. 

Following the shooting, the district denied any further questions on Sunday. The case is expected to be discussed in a news conference with Superintendent Michael Hinojosa on Monday.