Trevor Anthony dominates the court as he jumps up to dunk the ball into the net during the hockey vs. basketball shootout.

Trevor Anthony dominates the court as he jumps up to dunk the ball into the net during the hockey vs. basketball shootout.

Kelli Mann, Writer

On Friday, December 21st, the South Windsor High School student body gathered to kick-off winter break with a lively pep rally. Multiple performances, games, and activities organized by this season’s winter varsity sports teams and Bobcat Pride Organization worked to excite the students and teachers before heading off to winter break. 

To start the hour long pep rally, well-known teacher, Mr. Carlson welcomed all in attendance and excitedly introduced Jake Silverman, a senior who would be singing the national anthem to open the show. Silverman’s courageous performance successfully amazed each and every person in the crowd. Shortly after, the dance team displayed an outstanding Christmas themed performance to Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. Alongside the cheerleading team, many other varsity sports performed throughout the pep rally to promote support for their teams and bring joy to the crowd. The boy’s basketball team went against the hockey team in a half-court basketball shootout. Although the basketball team had an obvious advantage, the hockey team did not fall short behind.

Additionally, boy’s swimming and diving grabbed the attention of all the students through a video presentation, created by Andrew Kotait, that was inspired by a popular movie, Avenger’s Endgame. The video introduced each and every member of the team to the school through the creativity embedded in the video. Girl’s basketball also performed a tik tok inspired routine that filled the room with laughter as everyone enjoyed watching their peers perform these viral dances. Finally, late in the show, the cheerleading team rolled out their mats. They displayed numerous stunts and tumbling passes that left the entire room in awe. 

Alongside the sports teams, many interactive activities took place to grasp the attention of all the students. Games and competitions like finish the lyrics, marshmallow toss, and wrapping gave the non-athletes a chance to put their skills to the test. Students and teachers who participated in the finish the lyrics game were introduced to a sneak peak of songs like Jingle Bell Rock and Baby It’s Cold Outside and were given a chance to say the next line of the song. The intense wrapping competition was both a fast-paced and a very focused game. Each team was given a chance to create the best wrapped present with different colored streamers and bows. Proudly, Victoria Gagin and her team came out with the winning title. To end the pep rally, partnerships went neck in neck in a marshmallow toss game. Each partnership was responsible for tossing marshmallows to a partner who would catch it in their mouth. 

All in all, after an eventful and interactive spirit week the students were given a chance to fuel up on energy from the pep rally. “Each and every performance in the pep rally was both unique and creative. The pep rally was the perfect way to end the week before break,” said sophomore, Juliana Robinshaw. All performances in the pep rally were different and each student in attendance had a chance to laugh and enjoy themselves before going on winter break.