Seniors Commit to College

Seniors Commit to College

Caitlin Sze, Writer

Senior Karly Suppicich recently committed to play Division III Soccer at Springfield College. She had committed earlier in the fall and decided to participate in the NLI Signing Day which occurred on Monday, November 18th during Late Arrival. 

Suppicich tells us that, “it was really cool to sign on that day because I got to sign with my best friends.” Two of her closest friends, Morgan Saylor and Karen Joy also committed as well; Saylor going to Roanoke College for lacrosse and Joy committed to Springfield College along with Suppicich, but for lacrosse. 

Suppicich tells us that she is super excited to go to college next year and cannot wait to play soccer for a college team. She has “gotten to know the team by doing various overnights and has been able to bond well with the team.” She plans on majoring in Physical Therapy and Springfield College is well known for their Health and Sciences Department. 

In addition to Karly, Senior Emma Hapkiewicz verbally committed to Bentley University to swim at the Division II level as well. Hapkiewicz committed on November 10th and signed the NLI on the signing day as well. She explains that, “the college process was a little stressful but [she] started it in the beginning of [her] junior year so [she] was able to finish everything pretty early.” 

She is super excited to be swimming in college and in just recent news, has made it to the top 24 swimmers in Connecticut and will be swimming in states on Sunday. She came in 20th in the 500 freestyle for Connecticut and has her last meet this Saturday at Yale University. Hapkiewicz has been swimming since she was seven and swims year round for the West Hartford Aquatic team when not in high school season and cannot wait for next year! 

Another swimmer, Sarah Mulcahy recently committed to Dickinson College on November 9th, but has not signed the NLI yet. Mulcahy tells us that, ‘[she] is so excited for next year in college, with a new team and new people around [her].” For Mulcahy, the college process was much easier than expected and she does know some members on the swim team, because her sister also attends Dickinson College and swims as well. 

Mulcahy is, “so thankful that [she] was given this opportunity to be able to commit and cannot wait for what is brings!” With this in mind, she knows that there will be many different opportunities presented when in college and contributes to one of the reasons for her excitement. 

South Windsor High School has many student athletes that are also planning on committing, or have committed, with the next NLI signing day taking place on April 27, 2020.