A Review of ‘Everything I Wanted’, the Newest Single from Billie Eilish

A Review of Everything I Wanted, the Newest Single from Billie Eilish

Rachel Maher, Writer

Earlier this week, the 17- year old, pop sensation, Billie Eilish released a new single called ‘Everything I Wanted’. Being released fairly recently, the single is already getting loads of attention from her fans, and music fanatics. What makes Billie so sensational in the music industry’s eyes, is her ability to adjust her image to the public in the most mature way she can as a very young artist, while remaining herself, and owning her different outlook on the traditional music industry. So every drop of a single for Eilish continues to be a big deal. 

The single is dedicated to her brother, and producer Finneas, who she owes many of her music successes to. She expresses her own struggles with fame that she is realizing now that she is at the peak of her fame, through the lyrics describing her screaming underwater, and referencing her ability to know what she knows now, about being in the public’s eye. Her new single is turning the heads of producers and fans alike, never knowing what to expect next from the teenage stars. 

Eilish has been expressing her unique style through her music writing for years now and was just recently emerged into the person to want to be in the eye of the public. The song speaks to her struggles with the attention she receives from the public, as well as her adjusting her songwriting process to the high demands of the public. She described this frustration through her lyrics referencing, “screaming underwater”, and not wanting to disappoint anyone.  

Billie speaks to her audience as a teenager who is dealing with these stresses as she best sees them, describing her version of a ‘perfect dream’ which in her own mind, is consisting of no one noticing that she steps off the golden gate bridge

Critics describe Eilish’s new song, as dramatically different, in the most sensational way. Applauding her for the efforts of making the public aware of the struggles with fame, and her own dealings with stress, the song speaks to her majorly younger audience, in a unique manner. Approaching the popular topic of stress management with teenagers, including teenage superstars. In today’s media, stress management is emerging as an epidemic among the younger generation, much more than it ever used to be. Eilish’s new song could be just the way that people become more aware of the growing problem. After the attention that this one single is getting days after the release, then we can’t wait to see what is to come next for Billie Eilish.