Shelby Gerber and Dalena Tran Break SW Dive Team Records

Shelby Gerber (left) and Dalena Tran pose for a picture after both break diving records.

Shelby Gerber (left) and Dalena Tran pose for a picture after both break diving records.

Noah Gehris, Editor

As the event started on Thursday, November 14th, the diving team was ready to suit up for their last meet of the season. The team would end up having two students setting records for their season. 

Freshman Shelby Gerber went out on Thursday to go receive a personal record for her first-ever season on the team. Gerber received a score of 281.10. Gerber also made a comeback to receive her record-breaking dive after a dive that failed.

Gerber was thrilled at her score that she received and stated, “I was really proud since I failed my last dive and I’m only a freshman and I made states.” Gerber also ended up beating the person that taught Gerber a few years back, this made Gerber feel happy. “The record was held by someone who coached me two years ago and I thought that was hilarious.”

While Gerber’s record was an amazing score, her teammate, Junior Dalena Tran, decided to follow up on Gerber’s act, going on to break the record set mere minutes ago and score a 292.60. This beat Gerber’s record by a whopping 11.5 points.

Some people might be crushed by having their record broken, but not Gerber. Gerber stated, “I was so proud of her…She beat it by a lot, too.” Tran’s teammates were thrilled at her score. Tran’s record was a score that was exhilarating towards the team and every single teammate was proud of her.

As this was the last meet of the season, everyone was reflecting on the season. Gerber stated in an interview, “ It was a good first season, It’s not something I would not want to do again…I’m excited to start next year.” As Gerber is only a freshman, she is excited for years to come on the team.

As the season came to an end, both divers finished off in style. Gerber’s record of 281.10 was a season-high and she’s only a freshman. Gerber has years to come where she can increase her score and maybe pass her other teammates Dalena Trans record. Tran is a Junior, which means she only one more year left. Trans impressive score leaves us wondering how her senior year could go. With both divers ending the season like this, we can expect a great future for the South Windsor Diving Team.