Percy Jackson: Movie or Book?

Percy Jackson: Movie or Book?

Caitlin Sze, Writer

A big controversy and topic talked about are whether or not books or movies are better, discussing specifically about the Percy Jackson series versus the actual movie. Honestly speaking, most people enjoy reading books rather than watching the movie, just because of the in depth experience they get when reading the book. 

One of the main reasons behind the opinions of those that like the book better comes from Junior, Mary Grace Goodale, telling us, “Usually books are better than the movies and it’s up to your interpretation and allows room for creativity.” Goodale continues to tell us that reading a book is not rushed and reading is all on your own time containing more details and you get the feeling of being one of the characters in the book as well. 

I had the opportunity to create a poll where people were able to vote and with this in mind, 81 percent of students said that the book was better while a total of 19 percent of students said that the movie was better. Senior Sophia Chin tells us that, “The movie was over dramatic and ended the plot Sea of Monsters completely wrong.” Talking to another South Windsor student, Jia Yazon, who believes that the movie was very inaccurate and even the mythology was wrong, in which she gave the movie a bad rating overall. “The movie wasn’t good, and wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl needs,” says Yazon, a huge fan of the book series, but not the movie. 

Behind the negative context, in many cases, reading the book is further able to give you a better understanding of taking your time, and, “the book gives you an in depth look at the story,” says Ethan Bushman, who also commented on how the book was much better than the movie itself. 

In some cases, the movies are better than the books, as seen with the movie, Pitch Perfect. The movie was based off of the non-fiction book, Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory? Although this may be the case for the stars of Pitch Perfect, the Percy Jackson movie includes some scenes that weren’t included in the book, while also leaving out key events that those who had read the book weren’t able to identify while watching the movie. Looking at the reviews and ratings of the movie, Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters received an overall rating of 5.8 out of 10, creating an overall cynical rating.