The Writing Center at SHWS

Rachel Maher, Writer

Located in the career center and room 136, the writing center has become a valuable asset to the students here at South Windsor High School. It helps students get help with essays, capstone presentations, resume building, book reports, and anything else that has to do with writing. 

Each of the tutors that are a part of this program, are specialized in a particular area of writing, and are assigned to the student needs at the time of the tutoring session. The teachers that are leading the program currently, are Mrs. Pieratti and Mrs. Howard, both being successful professionals in the English department here at the high school. In addition to the wonderful faculty staff that is behind the program, the tutors that help keep the program going include: Shea Sullivan, Brianna Skaff, Calya Burnham, Caitlyn Sze, and Van Ahh Tran. This group of selected seniors are dedicated students here at the high school that have shown tremendous growth through the English department, and work well with others. To say the least, the tutors at the writing center know what they are talking about!

Students who need help are encouraged to head over onto the South Windsor High School Website, and click the link to the writing center web page, where they can book an appointment with a specific tutor during their hours. Located directly on the website, is a little more information about the tutors as well as the hours that the writing center is open, featuring some additional resources that students can utilize for MLA formatting, grammatical mistakes, and proofreading on their essay. So if for some reason the tutors are not available to meet with a student, there are still resources for students to use. Located at the bottom of this article is a link that brings you directly to this website. For further information, please look at their website or visit the writing center any day that they are available after school. 

After an interview with one of the writing center’s tutors, Calya Burnham, it was clear that “the writing center is here to benefit everybody, and can be used for something as simple as MLA citation reference. We are here to help with any of the SWHS student’s writing troubles.” Burnham further went into detail the reasons that she chose to join the program, and help her fellow peers through her own passion for writing. “Writing is something that doesn’t come easy for some people,” Burnham explained, “We are here to help ease the frustration and stress that comes with all kinds of assignments students are facing.” Burnham explained that to her, the writing center is a great place to get to know some of her fellow peers, as well as help others through a passion of her own. “I’ve always loved to read, and write,” Burnham explained. “When I heard that I could be a part of such a wonderful program sophomore year, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Burnham along with the four other writing center tutors, were selected by their English teachers, as they excelled in working with others and were working well with anything regarding English. When prompted by their teachers, these selected students were encouraged to apply to the program. Book an appointment down below, for either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, they hope to see you there!