The Lavish History of the Heidi Klum Halloween Party


Cael Brennan, Editor

This Halloween, Heidi Klum threw her annual celebrity Halloween party. Klum, an international supermodel, showed up slithering out of a biohazard truck as blue strobe lights glared at the audience. Once she had reached the back of the biohazard truck other party-goers soon recognized her new monstrous form. Klum was dressed in a prosthetic ensemble, transforming the once Victoria’s Secret runway model into an Alien Frankenstein with exposed guts and a brain protruding out of her head, as wires and screws ran through her body.

This costume became Klum’s 20th costume she featured at her coveted Halloween costume party. The Hollywood Reporter, after speaking with Klum spoke about why in 2001 Klum began the NYC-based event. “The annual event started as an experiment after Klum noticed a lack of cool Halloween parties and stepped up to the plate. The first year only some attendees wore costumes, so Klum created a “no costume, no entry policy,” and, since then, the party has gotten bigger and better, as have Klum’s costumes.”

Her first costume a goth dirndl queen had only served as the foundation of which Klum would utilize to achieve far more complicated costumes in her future. Some notable examples include her rendition of Jessica Rabbit that took nine hours to assemble, Entering as Lady Godiva on the back of white horse, almost not being accepted into her own party when she transformed into her 80-year-old self and last year Klum and her husband Thomas Kaultz appeared as the iconic ogre couple Shrek and Fiona.

The annual costume party as well provides celebrities the opportunity to have some fun as they can escape their day to day stress and instead enjoy each other’s company and exquisite costuming. Attracting A-list celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Camille Kostek and Jonathan Van Ness. 

Klum plans on continuing this tradition as her Halloween parties continue to become greater and more elaborate every year as do her costumes. I am excited to see what Klum will show up as next year. Until then, her spectacular 2019 display will have to tide me over.