The Amazon Rainforest Continues to Burn Causing Worldwide Harm

Jason Alwang, Editor

For over a month, the Amazon Rain forest continues to burn, as these wildfires continue to hurt the Amazon. The Amazon is by far the world’s largest rain-forest, covering up 40% of South America. This year alone, there has been over 41,000 fires in the area, which is the highest amount since 2013.

Along with the physical damage from the fires, the smoke is now contaminating the world’s oxygen, with the amount of smoke produced from the fire. With the addition of the wildfires, plus a reported 80% increase in deforestation in the Amazon this year alone, the Amazon has been declining at rates never seen before. 

Fires continue to rage on in the Amazon rainforest with no real sign of reduction.

According to the program director of non-profit organization Amazon Watch he says, “Farmers and cattle ranchers have long used fire to clear land and make it ready for use, so they are likely behind the unusually large number of fires burning in the Amazon today.”

 If these fires continue, the rain-forest will become a source for carbon dioxide instead of a “sink. According to CNN, “Scientists say that excessive carbon dioxide emissions are contributing to the warming of our planet.”

For now the Amazon is still a net source of energy, but these fires could start affecting climate change. Back in May and June, 5,000 children were hospitalized both months due to the unhealthy greenhouse gasses being released. Children are more vulnerable than adults because their immune and respiratory systems are still developing. CNN also states, “Physical exercise can increase the amount of pollutants breathed in by five times.” As you can see the Amazon wildfires are still hurting the environment and humans and they haven’t slowed down, hopefully they’ll slow down soon.