2019 Science Olympiad Team

Caitlin Sze, Writer

The students of the South Windsor High School Science Olympiad team are hoping to bring back another trophy as the 2019 season gets underway. The club is run by science teacher, Mr. Kraus, who has been a part of the team for various years. The club consists of an A and B Team, both teams consisting of 15 students each. 

Being a part of the team means that you are able to study or build for events to compete in. Later on in the season, places that are traveled to include Brown University, MIT, and UConn, for team states in the Spring. 

One of the team leaders,senior  Disha Verma, states that she loves being on the team to make new friends and learn more about the STEM field. “There are a lot of classes offered here at South Windsor, but being able to dive into more topics in science olympiad is great, and you are able to work with others.” Disha says that she started science olympiad in middle school and when coming to the high school, the science olympiad club caught her attention. Her favorite event is Boomilever because she has a passion for building. On top of Boomilever, she is participating in a study event, Disease Detectives, which she is excited for as well. 

Another team leader, senior Dhanush Kotumraju, says that participating in Science Olympiad allows him to get good experience while putting in the work and effort. Dhanush said his favorite thing about Science Olympiad, “is how we get to learn in depth about specific scientific topics while also going to competitions and hanging out with friends.” In addition, his passion for the club started when his interest for science was originally sparked. He says that he, “originally thought [he’d] major in something in science, so that was also a factor.” In the past, Dhanush has had experience in events such as Dynamic Planet, Experiment Design, Hovercraft, Write It Do It, Mousetrap, Fossils, and Invasive Species. 

The Science Olympiad team of South Windsor hopes to compete better than the year before, and with hard work, have high expectations of reaching the top and would like to win states to make it to nationals.