Khloé Kardashian Went To Prom With A Fan


Angelica Rivera-Oliveira

This weekend, the popular media personality Khloé Kardashian attended her first prom ever at 34 years old with a longtime fan of the controversial reality TV family. The lucky young man’s name is Narbeh and he attends Hoover High School, a regular public high school. Despite what many people think, there were no contests going on to take the A-list celebrity to their local prom. Narbeh actually met Khloé through his popular fan account of over 200,000 followers on Instagram: @NarbehKardash.

Somewhere along the course of Narbeh’s stream of appreciation for the Kardashian family on social media, Khloé stumbled across the young fan’s profile and instantly loved it. The two began talking through instagram’s direct messages and as time went on they became internet friends; Khloé even sent him a happy birthday message that stated, “…I hope you have the best and most magical day! You are such an incredible person and I have loved building a friendship with you!…”

Not only did Kardashian go to the prom with him, but she insisted on participating in all the traditional prom activities such as a corsage and boutonniere exchange. The duo shared photos of the entire experience with the world, from pre-prom photos outside to after prom snapchats. Kardashian was pictured wearing a long black bodycon gown, and the ecstatic teen matched her prom look with an all black tie.