Queen of Social Media



Brianna Skaff, Editor

Queen Elizabeth has become the longest-reigning British monarch with 67 years on the throne. With that, she also has 7 great-grandchildren, including Prince Harry and Prince William, which continues to keep her busy; so it makes it easier to understand how she doesn’t have time for mundane tasks, which is why she is seeking to hire a media consultant.

As the ‘Digital Communications Officer’ for the Queen, you will be tasked with “manage and oversee the daily news flow on digital and social networking platforms, as well as play a key part in some of the digital projects,” according to the job posting. They will also be in charge of creating content for social media platforms as well as writing feature articles for them as well. The job is paying up to $38,000 as a salary, depending on the level of qualifications. Also included is 33 days leave annually, free lunch, and access to training. The family is looking for someone with vast experience in the digital realm of managing websites, content management systems, photography, videography, and, of course, social media.

As soon as the news was shared people immediately showed interest and found the whole ordeal to be quite comical. Juniors Allison Samsel and Sara Wills share their opinions, with Wills commenting on whether she thinks that this is a good idea; “It depends on whether you think the royals have an important role in society Of you think they are just their as a figurehead, ‘for the show,’ she doesn’t really need a social media account. But if you view them as an important part of England’s political culture, and if you believe that they have an important role in facilitating change in England/promoting values, it is important for her to have a platform for her to share her opinions.” Samsel echoed Will’s culture imput saying “I think it’s interesting because she’s 90 [67] something years old – but it’s a good way to modernize or institutionalize the royal family, so when you think about it, everyone thinks of the royal family as very traditional/historical with all of their rules and protocols, so by using social media and getting involved with a manager they are able to reach more people, and et their ideas out to the public.” For people interested, you can apply on the Royal Family’s website, but for people without the qualifications, they can look forward to the possibility of ‘selfies’ of the queen in the near future.