Who Needs the Money in the Briefcase More?


Jacob Chaimovitch, Editor

It finally happened. A WWE PPV in Hartford, CT for the first time since Vengeance 2004 when Chris Benoit infamously rolled up Triple H to retain his World Heavyweight Title. Now, Money in the Bank comes to the XL Center. Instead of coming up with predictions for each match, I am going to break down each participant in both MitB matches and explaining who needs the briefcase more than others may need it. Then, I will give a prediction for both. Here we go.

Men’s Money in the Bank Match

Needs the Briefcase: Sami Zayn

Zayn needs this opportunity at a championship. Not just because of his character right now, though that is intricate. He needs this because he’s Sami Zayn. Since his call-up to the main roster, he hasn’t gotten a proper title push and has been somewhat forgotten in the WWE. Now that he is a dastardly heel against the people of the WWE, he could win the briefcase to prove to the WWE that he doesn’t need them or their criticism. The odds of him winning this match are very slim compared to the other behemoths in this match, but he’s been a heavy underdog before and been successful.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Ricochet

Don’t get me wrong here. If handled correctly, Ricochet is the future of WWE’s talent. However, he just got up here from NXT as a tag team with Aleister Black and only recently is he being booked as a singles star. Ricochet getting a major push right away is not right for both Ricochet and the main event scene. It’ll happen eventually for this young gun, mark my words. But, he doesn’t need it right now.

Needs the Briefcase: Drew McIntyre

He needs this. No doubt. He’s been on a cold streak, losing match after match. Eventually, WWE is going to put a belt on him. So, why not now? He’ll be the heel with the briefcase that keeps putting himself at the top of the totem pole because he has the briefcase, perfect for McIntyre’s character. While his promos could use some improvement, his in-ring skills and charisma are on point for a top heel champ. If WWE doesn’t act now, the train will pass of marking McIntyre as the top heel on Raw.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Baron Corbin

Everyone hates him. Everyone. Except himself, of course. If he wins the briefcase, there will be a heavy riot. Mostly because he is one of the few people in this match that has already won the Money in the Bank briefcase before. The only person to win the Money in the Bank match more than once is CM Punk. He also likely has no plan to be pushed to a title by WWE. It just doesn’t make sense to give him the briefcase again and push him to a title run.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Finn Bálor

It always boggles my mind when WWE puts mid-card champions in the Money in the Bank ladder match. They are trying to climb a ladder to get a briefcase, guaranteeing them a title opportunity. But, they already have a title. It doesn’t make sense. That is the only reason I am saying that Finn Bálor doesn’t need the briefcase. Bálor is already the Intercontinental Champion. The last time someone held two belts at the same time in the WWE, not including Becky Lynch, was Seth Rollins in 2015. Bálor doesn’t need two belts to prove himself as dominant.

Needs the Briefcase: Ali

When Ali was brought up into the WWE from 205 Live, he was immediately presented as a main event contender and a major title holder. He has somewhat acted as a filler for matches that involve putting other wrestlers over. Perhaps Money in the Bank is his time to shine. While his promos need work, his aerial wrestling skills and quick feet can easily put him over as a babyface champion. A surprise cash-in to get there may be what he needs.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Andrade

When you’re being regularly pushed as a mid-carder, you don’t need the main event push that comes with winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Andrade is one of those instances. He has been feuding with Bálor in non-title action on Smackdown. One day, he’ll likely win it from Bálor. Until that day comes, he doesn’t need the briefcase.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Randy Orton

Randy Orton, along with Baron Corbin, has already won the Money in the Bank briefcase. He’s already a 13-time WWE Champion. He doesn’t need more. He’s in this match as a heel filler from Smackdown that has the experience to boast that he can win. He’s also in this match because he can throw people off of ladders and RKO them. That’s pretty cool. Other than that, he doesn’t need this win.

Women’s Money in the Bank Match

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Nikki Cross

Seeing as how she replaced an injured Alexa Bliss on Thursday, I’m going to go with no. I mean, unless WWE throws us a huge curveball, Nikki Cross has no chance of winning this. She’s been nearly invisible regardless, so if she won it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Bayley

Bayley, since becoming a singles competitor on Smackdown, has become an advocate for ‘earning your place in line’ when it comes to title shots. She already has won a championship in the WWE, but with her huggy gimmick that didn’t go over that well with fans. With this new gimmick and idea that she has, however, it wouldn’t make sense for her to cash in a briefcase because she never waited in line. Winning a championship is different than winning the briefcase. She needs a title, not the briefcase.

Needs the Briefcase: Naomi

Since losing the Smackdown Women’s Championship at Summerslam 2017, Naomi has been underused like no tomorrow. Granted, she won the Women’s Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 34 but that has never done good things for anyone. Winning this briefcase could elevate Naomi back up to the title scene, which she has needed for a while. Off and on stints on TV hasn’t done much for her and she has proved before that she makes a great champion. Money in the Bank could be Naomi’s chance to reestablish herself.

Needs the Briefcase: Mandy Rose

This weird sort of teaming involving Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville has resulted in Rose being the leader and Deville being her hypewoman on the sidelines. Unless they are keeping them as a tag team, Mandy Rose probably more than anyone else in this match. If WWE wants to elevate Rose and Deville as a heel team that gets what they want due to a numbers advantage, simply slap the briefcase on Rose and you have your answer. She’s been getting over with the crowd, which is always good to see seeing as how her pop was nearly empty a few months prior.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Natalya

‘The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be’ has already established herself as the veteran of this match. She has been in all of the Money in the Bank matches. She is a two-time women’s champion and has been in the WWE since 2008. That being said, she is acting as a veteran filler for this match. Since I had Orton not needing the briefcase, I have Natalya not needing it for the same reasons.

Needs the Briefcase: Ember Moon

How sweet would it be to see Ember Moon with the briefcase? While she was in NXT, she was a dominant force that had defeated every woman except Asuka twice (Asuka had a crazy winning streak so that makes sense). Since she’s been called up, she hasn’t been booked much not including her injury. She has proven to be championship material in NXT when she held the Women’s Title for nearly five months. She certainly needs this win if she wants to once again establish herself as one of the top dogs in the women’s division.

Needs the Briefcase: Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke has been the Bayley of Raw. She also advocates for people waiting in line, but she is tired of waiting and she wants her opportunities now. That’s why she needs this. The briefcase will give her the opportunity to get her chance at a title right away. If she loses, she may not get a chance like this again. It’s now or never for Dana Brooke.

Doesn’t Need the Briefcase: Carmella

She’s already won the briefcase. She doesn’t need another win. Simple as that. She can win a title the normal way and I’d be ok with that, but she doesn’t need another cash in.


That being said…

Mr. Money in the Bank: Drew McIntyre

Ms. Money in the Bank: Ember Moon