South Windsor High School 2019 Prom

South Windsor High School 2019 Prom

Joe Sandberg and Brianna Skaff

On Saturday, May 4, SWHS students attended the annual Junior Prom. The 2019 Prom for South Windsor High School was a blast for all that went. There was a large variety of music that was played throughout the night and students seemed to enjoy the amount of dancing. There were three different food options that were provided for students, including filet mignon, pasta, and chicken parmesan. The students seemed to be pleasantly surprised as the night kicked off at 6:30 pm.

As can be expected, the most popular subject of the night centered around what people were wearing. Many boys went to prom wearing the traditional black tuxedos and suits, but some others decided to wear different colors. Junior, Dan Toper, wore a light grey tuxedo with pink on the inside and a bow tie. While some wore a tie, the bow tie seemed to be what people liked most. Every guy at prom looked very clean, but by the end, did not look as clean because of all of the dancing that had occurred. For the girls, most went to boutiques such as Autianas, David’s Bridal, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and more! The most common colors that the girls wore were red and navy blue. Sarah Mulcahy, explains how she was looking for something classy and not too overboard. “I wanted something like a gown. I like the look of simple and elegant, I also like the look of the sweetheart neckline.” Juniors, Bailey Puebla and Cameron Isherwood, agreed saying, “I wanted to look like a princess.”

Another part of prom enjoyed by students was the music. The DJ had a great variety of music and even played Spanish music for quite some time. However, many kids seemed to think that there was too much Spanish music being played. The DJ also decided to play some songs outside of the set playlist. Even though the students requested certain songs, it didn’t mean that the DJ was able to play the songs. In order to make it a fun night, he fulfilled the song requests of some of the students. As a result, the dance floor was a bit more hype than the normal playlist, and so the students were satisfied. “He kind of just took the reins and decided to do what he wanted,” said junior, Evan Rapp. For the most part, the DJ followed what he was supposed to but he had to have his own twist on the prom to help the kids party.

On top of the music and partying, there was one place at prom where memories were made. The photo booth is where many pictures were taken and kept for the memories. Next to the photo booth were a bunch of props including sunglasses, scarfs, saxophones, and much more.

Junior, Akhil Rajesh mentioned after prom, “The only thing that was a little rough was how many people were next to the photo booth. It was always crowded but, the photos came out nice.” The number of people at the photo booth was really the only thing to complain about because the rest of the event was a blast for all.

Junior, Rachael Mahr, with her date, senior, Anthony Colon.