ECE Marine Science Takes Field Trip To Bluff Point In Groton

Josh Hobbs

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Last Tuesday, ECE Marine Science, run by teacher Deb Field, took her students down to one of her favorite places in Connecticut, Bluff Point. This was the second time that her students went down to Bluff Point this year, as it’s tradition to go twice every year, once in the fall, and then in the Spring.

The majority of the field trip consisted of Mrs. Field leading her students along the main trail in the conservatory. Throughout the long hike, she would often stop and show students all sorts of plants and animals that most people couldn’t recognize. Many of these plants and animals were new giving this their time to start to bloom and return to their habitats after a long cold winter.

Besides learning about the various plants and wildlife, the trip consisted of many breathtaking views of the ocean and landscapes that Bluff Point features. Even though the weather was not the greatest, the experience was still amazing.