The Game of Tiaras Rewind

Olivia LaRosa

This past week, the South Windsor High School Drama Department put on the spring play, Game of Tiaras. This play is a parody of the hit television series, Game of Thrones, and Disney Princesses. The unique mix made for a 90 minute show full of humor, violence and a good plotline.

Back in December, the cast all auditioned for roles, and rehearsals began in January. Every week, the cast met multiple times to block and practice scenes with directors, Ms. White and Ms. Laurain.

Ms. White is a current teacher at SWHS and Ms. Laurain is retired English teacher. They have been doing the plays together for years and enjoy it very much. Ms. Laurain sadly announced at the end of the play that this “will be the last production” that she directs and she is “grateful to have met everyone and for all the memories made through the programs.”

This year’s production was very different from previous shows the high school has put on; the comedic side to the show paired with modern day references made the audience laugh often. This show drew in an audience with a decent amount of students, which is surprising considering attendance of previous shows.

In this production, every role had a purpose and played a main part in making the story come to life. Senior, Cade Dabrowski played the male lead of the King, with freshman, Daniel Hegi, as his henchman, Smeagol. Other seniors such as Megan Phadael, Marlena Klein, Gina Bretz, and Livi LaRosa all played princesses. Marshall Neilson and Alex Amoro played the love interests as Prince Charming and the French Prince. Every character had a sarcastic side, but also was able to express tragedy as the play did conclude with all but one character dying; it truly was a fight to the death. Megan Phadael described the play as being “a fun experience that she would not change.” Alex Amoro said he “enjoyed playing a unique role and being able to add his own spin to it.”

Overall, the play was a success and hopefully next year the fall musical and spring play are just as great!