Student Feature: Kaylee Klemba

Katelyn Macomber

Every month, teachers nominate 2 students from each grade to be recognized as student of the month. These students are nominated not only on how well they’re doing in class but how hard they’re trying and their overall attitude.  This recognition allows students to be acknowledged for the person they are and to show that the staff around SWHS appreciate the student. For the month of February, one of the students who was recognized was junior, Kaylee Klemba.

As a junior, Kaylee spends her free time working with kids and playing lacrosse. Klemba believes she “won due to spreading kindness to everyone because of my experiences working with different kids.’’ She constantly spends her time working at Bounce Town which gives her the benefit of having a lot of patience with children and providing help to anyone who needs it. Due to Kaylee also being an athlete it teaches her “hard work and responsibility which can also help me in school by understanding my responsibilities of a student.” Overall, Klemba´s hard work and love to everyone around the school was able to be acknowledged through this award.

Math teacher, Mr.Grosso, was the one who nominated Kaylee for this award. He explains that her kindness encourages everyone around her to follow in her footsteps. He is so proud to “have her in this class and see how she can put a smile on anyone’s face.” Grosso also explains how she is willing to help anyone with any types of problems they are going through. It wasn’t only “how hard she tries in my class but the visible kindness from her heart.” Overall, Grosso explains that Klemba´s constant positivity as an amazing student deserved to be acknowledged.

This recognition is a good way to reward students who constantly show compassion and a positive attitude around the high school. Congratulations to Kaylee Klemba along with the other winners.