ECE Environmental Science

Jessica Polito

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  • Inside the “fish room,” there are many tanks from Mrs. Field’s ECE Marine class for students in Environmental to observe.

  • During labs, Environmental students, Megha Rao and Haneen Fiazuddin, must observe and take careful notes before putting away their project.

  • An important part of the compost lab in Environmental is flipping it so that air can reach all of the green and brown material in the bucket. Don’t worry, everyone wears gloves!

  • Seniors Haneen Fiazuddin and Megha Rao carefully add hay to their compost to soak up the extra moisture in their bucket.

  • The wall of fish tanks separates the “fish room” from Mrs. Field’s normal classroom.

  • In Mrs. Field’s other classes, she uses fish tanks that Environmental students love to observe and learn about even though they aren’t using them for projects.

  • Mrs. Field cares for the many plants in her room so that students can see their growth throughout the year.

  • Mrs. Field’s room is covered with maps, fish tanks, plants, and other interesting things to look at while in class.

  • A class favorite, Jack the tortoise, drinks water in his homemade shelter.

  • ECE Environmental may not be caring for fish in the fish room, but they do keep their compost projects in the back.

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