Carlson 101

Mariana Rule

Mr. Carlson is known by many students as the “cool” teacher that occupies room 202. Carlson stays involved in the school and with the students as much as possible. This includes helping with school events and teaching multiple science classes. He also does the daily morning announcements every Tuesday morning, when the broadcasting class is unable to do so. Not only this, but Carlson performed at the upcoming pep rally on Thursday afternoon.

This time around at the pep rally, he and Ms. Lyons  prepared a new performance including other teachers, students, dancing, and music. The entire performance was thought of and planned by Carlson and Lyons. Carlson says that “we [Lyons and Carlson] both had ideas so once it started rolling we just kept adding to it.” The collaboration was expected to be funny and entertaining after their rap battle at the last pep rally back in October and did not disappoint senior, Sean Piepmeier. Piepmeier said “the fatheads of the students was funny and unexpected. The jump on it song is something that everyone knows too so that was cool.”

Carlson, Lyons, and the other teachers were all “very excited because we’ve put a lot of work into it… ordering supplies and filming the video portion took a lot of coordinating. We also had to all learn a dance so hopefully, it goes smoothly.”

Additionally, Carlson shared that the ideas for the pep rally were all based on past pep rallies and presentations that they have seen. The beginning of the performance was based on popular youtube videos that James Corden hosts, Carpool Karaoke. Senior, Billy Oulundsen, and junior, Justice Ellison, both helped out with this portion of the performance by being in the back of the truck with Lyons and Carlson. They were all trying to pick a song that would work well for the performance, finally landing on “Apache (Jump On It)” by the Sugarhill Gang.  The performance then went on to bring in fatheads, which students often bring to sports games to celebrate the different players. The teachers each took a students fathead and danced to the music, some even dressed like the students do.

Carlson has put in a lot of hard work and planning into the performance and was very excited to show everyone. The response from the audience was filled with laughter and yelling. The performance will be hard to top at the next pep rally.