Review of New TV Show “You”


Mariana Rule

Lifetime recently released “You” on September 9th, 2018. It was then added to Netflix at the end of 2018. The psychological thriller keeps the audience guessing at every turn.  The show is about how Joe Goldberg, a college-age student in New York, becoming increasingly obsessed with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. Joe slowly becomes obsessed with Beck, using social media as his method of tracking her interests in addition to physically following her. The two wind up dating and becoming increasingly involved in each other’s lives. As the relationship deepens, many dark secrets of the past and present come into the light.

Throughout the series, there are multiple deaths, all caused by Joe in some regard. The entire show goes back and forth between the audible dialogue and internal dialogue that Joe has in each situation. Joe’s internal thoughts give the reader an inside scoop on the dark mind that the character has. Joe’s character rationalizes his actions to himself which helps to keep the character from going crazy.

The actor that plays Joe, Penn Badgley, is better known for his role as Dan Humphrey in the CW’s Gossip Girl. This role translated nicely to You because of both characters are quiet and very interested in books. The character in Gossip Girl is also a bit dark and twisted so it seems as though Badgley is type-cast at this point in his career. The other lead in You, Elizabeth Lail, was in a Freeform show called Dead of Summer. This show is a horror series that takes place at a summer camp where many tragic events occur. Another well-known actress in the show is Shay Mitchell, who plays Peach in You. Mitchell’s most famous role is as Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars, where her character is taunted for years by an anonymous person. The three popular shows that the stars were each on before You have a thriller undertone to them all, preparing the stars for their roles in You.

Senior, Esra Eljafarawi, says that she loved the show. It really kept her “on the edge of my seat the whole time. I really like the creepy part of the show.”  The show had many twisted details involved in it that kept students interested in how it would end. Eljafarawi also shared that she was very curious how much Beck would find out about the toxic people in her life. Beck had a murderer for an ex-boyfriend, a stalker as her best friend, and a combination of both in Joe.

Overall, You has chosen its actors well for their roles in the show. Each actor has experience in a role similar to their part in You, so they were easily able to play the role convincingly for the audience. The show is on Netflix and is recommended by students for those that enjoy darker series.