What are SWHS students and staff doing over winter break?

What are SWHS students and staff doing over winter break?

Mariana Rule

Students and staff are all excited to go on vacation at the end of the week. The moral is dwindling down as students lose focus on classes and shift to their plans for vacation. There are a few holidays coming up and the first semester of college ending, which can mean family members come home to visit.

Students are just simply planning to spend time with their friends and family on Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. Senior, Shaiellis Harrison, has plans to “hang out with my friends and play some ball. I’m going to see a lot of my family over the holidays and just spend time together.”

There are also many students that are working over break such as senior, Jonathan Ocasio, who hopes to “find a good balance between hanging out with his friends and working.” The balance will be hard to find since there is so much to fit into a short break. Ocasio also said he is “working a lot to make up for the money spent he spent for the holidays.”

Teachers seem to have much more going on since they are off from work. Mr. Carlson is very busy over break. He is starting off his week by “going to the city, New York, Manhattan, and staying overnight to visit my wife’s uncle for his birthday. Then we’re coming back, visiting my sister and my parents. Then on Christmas day, I’m going up to Maine to stay with my in-laws for the week. I’ll probably go skiing by myself.”

The seemingly busiest member of the school is Madi Fontaine. Fontaine’s family has traveled to Australia from December 15th to January 1st. They are visiting a list of places throughout Australia. “We climbed Harbour Bridge and surfed at Bondi Beach.” Fontaine will also says they are going to “see the Great Barrier Reef and do some more surfing.” The Fontaine’s will also be traveling to New Zealand over break to go hiking in Queenstown. 

The joy and excitement is gradually increasing as the week progresses, as is the nerves for any traveling. The plans are being finalized and all school work being finished in order to have the best vacation possible. As the school week winds down to a close, the festive feeling of the everyone is filling the halls and classrooms, with the urgent sense to get out of school.