Nominees for the Scholastic Art Competition!

Katelyn Macomber

Throughout South Windsor High School, 6 lucky students were nominated for a scholastic art competition. The scholastic art award is a non-profit Connecticut program in which teachers recognize student talents. This program is focused on looking into the best student art work within CT.

Students from South Windsor High School were recognized for their talents and nominated for this award. Students Avery Jones, Nicole Grasso, Victoria Burhans, Lily Greenblott, Fayre Li and Mariana Rule are among those nominated. These students were all given the chance to be awarded on a merit for inclusion along with obtaining gold and silver keys.

One nominee, Nicole Grasso, explains how honored she is. Grasso states ¨I am so happy I’ve been given at least a chance at the opportunity of being apart of this competition.¨ Grasso explains how she will be contacted in January to discuss her art and her possible award in winning this competition. She has never been entered in this competition before. She explains ¨I’m glad I get to experience this my senior year and have the memory of being nominated by teachers.¨ 

This competition is very beneficial for students all around Connecticut. It gives students the chance to be acknowledged for their hard work. Having this contest motivates the students to continue to do well and try their hardest because of the idea they can be recognized. South Windsor students wish all the other nominees the best of luck!