RIP Roger Kangaroo

A picture of Roger chilling just days before his passing.

A picture of Roger chilling just days before his passing.

Mariella Novo

The beloved Kangaroo, Roger, died due to natural causes at 12 years old this past week. While Roger was well known for being extremely buff and muscular, he was also a loving animal. Despite the fact that he could crush metal buckets and reached up to 6’7, he came as a rescue in 2006, hairless and small, from his dead mother’s pouch. The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, where Roger lived, posted a video of him on instagram with the caption:

“Farewell our darling Roger. Sadly Roger has passed away of old age. He lived a lovely long life and was loved by millions around the world. We will always love and miss you Roger”.

They also posted the last picture of Roger relaxing a few days before he passed.

Owner of the Kangaroo Sanctuary, Chris Barns, said that Roger was an alpha male and always saw Barns and other males as a threat to his territory, and had even hurt Barns a few times. Of course, with Roger’s being an alpha and his body mass, he was a great fighter. However, in old age, Barns was unable to pet him due to his arthritis and other illnesses.

Ricky Scola, Junior and animal lover at SWHS, had this to say about it, “Roger had his time. He will be missed. His swole abs will forever be in our memory. His thighs were as round as the red sequoia trees. He was powerful in his time.”