Why Is A Dance Other Than Homecoming Not Getting Attention?

Joe Sandberg , Editor

Friday, December 7, marks the day that the junior class officers would have had their Hawaiian themed dance. The dance will not be held on Friday, as it was canceled because the lack of ticket sales in order to proceed and have a profitable event. The event was put in place to support the junior class for their prom. Unfortunately, it did not gain the attention it needed. At first, the theme was Hawaiian but many thought it may not be a popular theme this showed by the small number of tickets sold within the first week. While ticket sales were not increasing as the class officers thought, the student council decided to put out a poll to the school via twitter to change the overall theme. The students spoke and the theme was changed to semi-formal. After the change, the junior class still struggled to sell tickets.

Some say that having a formal other than the annual homecoming dance is not popular because it won’t have the same excitement as homecoming does. Some just don’t feel like dressing up again for the three hours while dancing and having fun with friends. Senior Alex Amoro had a couple of thoughts, “I think that people don’t want the themes that are made because they are too much like middle school dances. I think that if we had a really good formal dance like homecoming that lots of people would go to it.” Alex  has always been a fan of the dances but he, like many others, was not interested in going to this semi formal dance. This has caused multiple dances over the years to not be cancelled. 

Junior, Manny Mokel said on Monday that, “The students will know by Wednesday at the latest if the dance is canceled.” On Tuesday when the dance was not yet publically canceled, junior, Evan Rapp told the press, “The dance is canceled and we will be giving back refunds to the people that bought a ticket and want to get their money back.” The money that is not refunded will get donated to the junior class. If you are a student who has bought a ticket to the dance, you are able to get your money during any lunch period at the back of the cafeteria.