The Girls Powderpuff Team Takes The Dub


Dakota Skinner

Last night on November 28, the senior girls took on Windsor at Windsor High School in a brawl of a football game. Each and every one of the girls took on a new challenge when joining the team. At the start of the season, there were many doubts that the team would win their first and only game of the year. With having only two months worth of practice, the team had lots to learn and very little time to get together plays and understanding how to play the game.

Standing quarterback of the night, Taylor Darby, made the first touchdown of the night during the second quarter. Darby said, “It was a really fun experience. I got a little nervous at first but I got the hang of it quickly. I loved the hype and how everyone tried their hardest, it was obvious that we wanted to win.”

After Darby’s touchdown, there was a failed try at a two-point conversion. Next up to take her shot was the field goal kicker, Taylor Patitucci, kicking from the 27-yard line. Her kick added 3 points to the scoreboard, making it a 9-0 game. Patitucci explained, “I was really nervous because I missed a 25-yard field goal while warming up. But after kicking it and having the team and the crowd cheer was amazing. I loved playing, it was fun to go out with all my friends and play a sport we never would have played. It also meant so much knowing this is the first time we beat Windsor and to know powderpuff is a signature senior activity.” The field goal was a once in a lifetime kick as the only time Patitucci practiced was an hour before the game start time.

Windsor put up a hard fight as they tried to push their way through the line but nothing could stop the defensive line of Sarah Gallagher, Maria Hanchuk and Selena Guo, nor the offensive line of Sarah Gallagher, Maria Hanchuk, Dakota Skinner, Alex Parent, and Jess Mann. Being on both ends of the field, Sarah Gallagher said, “It was really fun playing, it got physical but that’s what I enjoyed about it. It was a great feeling coming out with the win in the end because we worked so hard.” All of the girls on the team showed their perseverance during the hour plus game, proving to not only themselves but to the school that the 2018 Powderpuff team is not something to play around with.

Assistant Coach Billy Oulundsen helped the team to the win, giving pointers on where to go and what to do in situations that were coming up within the next play. Oulundsen said, “I was surprised you guys actually had plays and how well our team stuck together and stayed positive.” Coach McClay showed his passion for the game as he fought hard to make the game as enjoyable and fair as he could. McClay said to the team after the win, “Tonight was something to be proud of, you played hard but you played like you wanted to win. We didn’t have a lot of practices and that’s okay because tonight it was worth it.” At the end of the game, McClay brought the idea of playing more games throughout the year. There was not one girl on the team that was opposed to the idea of playing another game.

Walking into the game, it was already assumed before stepping on the field that the team would not win and would make fools of themselves. Even some of the players had this mindset. Emma Karim said, “I wasn’t nervous because I was excited to have fun, I didn’t think we had a chance at winning because that’s what everyone had said. I was just looking to have a good time. Windsor would get excited seeing us fail or make a mistake and that fueled our fire and made us want the win even more. Overall it was really fun for me. I don’t do any other sport and knew I wasn’t one of the more athletic girls but I still enjoyed it. Winning as a team was one of the most rewarding feelings. The best part about winning was the fact that nobody thought we were going to, including the players.” Karim and other players reciprocated the feeling when taking the bus ride back to SWHS.

The experience was enough for some, being a part of a sport they would have not been able to join without the game was satisfying and rewarding for the girls. Olivia Chassion said, “We used each other and played smart which ended up working out for us in the end. We all had so much fun and I’m so glad to have been a part in the experience!” Though the game was rough and hardcore each player got a chance to make their mark on Windsor’s home field. With the two months of practice, the girls showed their courage and bravery going against a school that was the heavy favorite going into the game. The win was big and deserved for the players who showed up to every practice and worked hard to understand the game and their position.

In the last seconds of the game, the Rowd Crowd stomped at the gates of the field waiting for the clock to run out. And once it did, they went nuts. Storming the field in celebration of the girls first win. At the speculation of more games potentially, stay tuned for more to come. #YOTC #CALLITACOMEBACK