Over 40 SWHS Seniors Were Inducted into Rho Kappa Monday, November 26


Jessica Polito

On November 26, the head of the Social Studies department, Mr. Frank, led the induction of over 40 SWHS seniors. The ceremony was brief but special for the dedicated students and their parents. After senior, Olivia LaRosa, led the pledge of allegiance, multiple teachers gave short speeches about the importance and different aspects of social studies. Mr. Frank then individually called up the inductees to receive a certificate and be congratulated by vice principal, Mrs. Morgan-Hostetler.

As the smallest honor society at SWHS, many are unaware of its requirements and responsibilities. The Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization that acknowledges the excellence of work from high school seniors in the social studies field. To qualify, a student must have a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.3 GPA in social studies classes, and 3 credits in social studies. The students then write an essay regarding either the importance of social studies as a discipline or how their experience in the department has impacted their growth as a student. Once inducted, the members must complete 10 hours of community service that relate to the topic of social studies. In the past, students have tutored in the department, assisted in the planning of the fifth grade Civil War encampment, or even created projects to celebrate black history month. Once the students complete their required 10 hours, they are given the special blue and white honor cord that they can proudly wear at graduation.

This year’s inductees are passionate about the importance of the often overlooked field of social studies. Senior, Leah LePage, emphasized that “Social Studies has a clear, lasting impact on our society.” LePage believes that learning how to understand cause and effect, as well our current global climate, is a crucial skill needed for the future. Another passionate student, senior, Kyle Garneau, values the discipline and plans to study political science in college next year. Garneau was honored to join an honor society that combines his love for helping others and of social studies. After taking 6 history classes and taking on the role of Secretary General of Model UN, his dedication to the department is obvious. He explains that “Rho Kappa has always seemed like the epitome of what I wanted to do at the high school. I’m excited to be a part of it.”