It’s Time to Reform the 2nd Amendment

Josh Hobbs, Editor


In reaction to the recent shootings in California, I have decided to write this article since I can no longer hide my strong opinions to these disgusting acts of violence. These shootings have left hundreds of innocent people dead and thousands of people injured. With this latest shooting killing 12, it shows yet another incident to the national government of why the 2nd amendment is completely outdated, and is in need of a massive reform, or else these acts will continue.

Let me just say quickly, I do not agree with banning the 2nd Amendment entirely. When operated with respect, guns provide a helpful service in the community, whether that’s hunting, or protecting yourself from danger. But this is exactly why guns were allowed in this first place, because back in 1789, the founding fathers saw no harm in allowing people guns for these exact purposes. Unfortunately, during these times in history, muskets were one of the most popular firearms of choice. Nowadays, we have the ability to purchase guns that are used in wars around in the world. For example, people can purchase AK-47’s and other semi-automatic rifles if they pass their background check. 

According to a recent survey by The Guardian, the reason why most people feel that need these weapons is to protect their ‘individual freedom’ and that a reform on the 2nd amendment, would be an attack on our individual liberties as Americans. While I understand, there also needs to be limits to our individual liberties. This is a part of our social contract with our government that ensures our protection as a citizen. 

We need to reform the 2nd amendment, not abolish it. That is why we need to extend background checks to make sure people who are mentally unstable don’t have the ability to purchase a weapon of mass destruction. I would also suggest restrictions of what types of weapons that can be purchased.  With reforms like these on a national level, the number of shootings across the country would decrease significantly.

Also, reforms like these are not new around the world. A prime example of this is Australia, who made changes to their own gun laws after they had a school shooting.

We have begin to see change in society in recent years, and activist groups who are making differences around the country. Take for example Emma Gonzalez, who is also a Parkland survivor. Right after the shooting she lead multiple efforts in order to encourage people support their fight for gun control in this country.