Chris Paul vs Rajon Rondo


Fight breaks out during the October 23 Lakers vs Clippers game. Image via ESPN.

Neville Thomas

On October 20th, in the middle of an NBA game, there was an altercation where Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo were arguing over a missed foul call. While arguing face to face, Rondo purposely spit in Chris Paul’s face which led them to have a huge fist fight in the middle of the court. As a result of their actions, Rondo and Paul were suspended and required to sit out of games.

It was the first half of the Lakers vs Rockets game when the referee missed a foul call between Ingram and Harden. There was a big discussion about it among the players. With that occurring, Paul and Rondo was in a heated conflict. In the mix of them arguing, Rondo spit in the face of Paul which made Paul react by tapping Rondo in the head. All of a sudden, Rondo threw a punch and they both were trading hits and were in a legitimate fight. Due to this, they were given game suspension; Ingram was suspended for four games, Rondo three games and Paul two games. There are not always fist throwing fights in the NBA and that is why it was such a huge deal to the media and fans of the league and of the players.

The reactions of this stunning incident were huge. One student in particular, named Marcus Rodriguez, a senior from South Windsor High School said, “It was crazy they fought but the fact that Rondo spit in Chris Paul face was wild. But he was like ‘Bop’ and Chris Paul was like’ whack’ but it was pointless that Ingram came back to swing on Chris Paul.” With it being so huge around the sports world even Stephen A. Smith, a journalist himself had his own words for this event “Rajon Rondo tried to get away with spitting at Chris Paul during fight and that simply something you just don’t do.” Rodriguez and Smith both had things to say about the topic and think the spitting was uncalled for and was the cause of the whole thing.