The Debates Regarding New Pep Rally Guidelines


Students celebrate spirit week with the step team’s performance at Friday’s pep rally on October 26, 2018

Katelyn Macomber

The South Windsor fall sports team have recently been informed of the new rules regarding pep-rallies. As of this year, any performers within the pep rally are unable to call teachers and students to participate. Along with this rule, sports teams are not allowed to demonstrate their team through demonstrations or games. These recent rules have caused many debates between whether this decision would positively or negatively impact students.

Student athlete, Kena Gonzalez explains how she ¨feels sport players aren’t able to demonstrate the sport they play, along with not bringing anyone down they can’t see how hard the sport actually is.¨ Gonzalez demonstrates how students watching the performances like to see others who don’t play the sport due to the fact it is funny. In addition, Elizabeth Poulin feels that these rules regarding the pep rally are a disadvantage for student athletes. For instance, she reveals ¨When athletes call different students to participate, it gives people chances to get involved and have fun.¨ Poulin clearly displays that having different students participating is more beneficial rather than have students just sitting and watching.

However, other students enjoy watching other sports teams planning a performance as a team. For instance, Aiden Castle explains she ¨enjoyed watching sports team when they have set up dances.¨ Rather than random students students trying to do something they have never done, Castle enjoyed watching organized dances performed by students. Some students feel these rules are beneficial.  For example, Taylor Nourse believes ¨it is a solution for having the same individuals being called down.¨ Due to many students being athletes as well, it makes it unfair how as a result the same students are being called down to participate. Many people would feel as if they are not going to be chosen or able to participate. Overall, the debate between these new rules remains the same for students.