Basketball Spotlight


Senior, Shaiellis Harrison, playing against Bloomfield

Every year, the SWHS Varsity Basketball team waits in anticipation for tryouts to see if they’ve made the team. Many students return yearly to play again. These students are all very hardworking and hope to improve each year.

Junior, Josh Hobbs, is very excited to be playing again this year. He is most excited to see how well the team plays well together. Hobbs said he is not worried about any new players because “Most of us have played together either in middle school or in rec so we know how to communicate well.” 

Senior, Shaiellis Harrison, is a returning player for his fourth year playing for the school. Harrison shares similar thoughts to Hobbs. He thinks that the team will play well together and says that “We’ve been playing with each other for a few years so we have good chemistry with each other and know how to play with each other.” The teams’ confidence can only continue to grow as the season is approaching.

Harrison is looking forward to many different things in his final season. He thinks that he is speaking for the entire school when he says that he is excited to play East Catholic this year, saying, “It’d be a great feeling to beat them after coming so close every year.” East Catholic is one of South Windsors biggest rivals, Harrison and the rest of the team is very hopeful to beat them in his final year. With a hopeful season coming faster, the want to leave good habits and skills behind after the seniors’ graduate.