Cleveland Brown Potential Comeback?

Jillian Thibodeau , Editor

The NFL team; the Browns, are most known for losing the most games in a season. In the last two seasons combined, they have lost every one of their games, except for one. They won with 20 points to 17, against the Chargers on December 24, 2016. In their 2016 season, the Browns lost 15 games out of 16; and in 2017 they lost all 16 of their games. However, after playing four games this season, they have managed to win two games. Winning more than the previous years.

On September 6th, 2018, the NFL season started, with many fans sharing their opinions in hope that the 2018 season will be the silver lining of the Browns’ comeback. At the post-game interview that was held after their win against the Ravens, Coach Hue Jackson said, “This football team will fight, they’ll play. We won’t do everything perfect by any stretch of imagination, but they work hard and they’re becoming something.” Coach Jackson, believes that they are improving, he knows that they will play hard this season. He is aware that they aren’t the best team, but he is sure that they will not give up on possibly making the comeback that many fans have been waiting for.

After the Browns’ first win against the Jets on September 20th, Jarvis Landry, the Browns’ wide receiver stated that “This is a good start in the right direction for us, hopefully, this just continues to build momentum that we need to finish out this first quarter and go from there.” With this said, Landry and many of his teammates are proud that they started the season off with a win. The team is finally winning after two years, so in their minds, they know that they are already making a comeback.