Mind Over Matter: Girls’ Volleyball

Katelyn Macomber

Friday, October 5th, the girls’ varsity volleyball team faced a tough opponent. The first match was a quick win for the Glastonbury Tomahawks. However, South came back fighting back during the second set. making it a tough game for both opponents.

Riley Donahue, sophomore, led the team with a kill straight down the line, tying halfway through the second match 15-15. Donahue said, “The energy from good plays within the game, gathering all the players, with the excitement encourages us to keep doing our best.” The positive optimism is an important factor within sports due to the effects it can bring to the team.

The encouragement the girls bought for each other kept their spirits high. After the first game, many players began to lose hope. But senior and captain, Sammie Kasheta, would not let that happen. Reflecting on the second game, Sammie said, “I wanted the girls to focus on strong plays rather than the outcome of winning or losing.” Her positivity toward the team helped many players realize they needed to have fun and play the game they love.

Junior, Kenzie Eppler, proved that the encouragement from her captain “helped me get into the game ready to do my best, she continued to tell me to ‘make them work for it.’” These positive vibes on the court brought ambition to each one of the players such as Eppler.

Continuing on, Coach Holt called a timeout giving a pep talk on focusing back on the game saying “only concentrating on your mistakes won’t make a good play or help you enjoy the game.” This made the team pick up the pace and give their all into each play.

It was a tough battle between the two teams, but it did not determine who the better team was. The battle showed the strength of the Lady Bobcats as they continued to play their hardest throughout the match. Through the teams’ encouragement and positive thoughts, they were able to show their dominance by matching the Tomahawks each set, fighting back and never giving up. Thanks to the great leadership of captain, Kasheta, and Coach Holt, the varsity volleyball team played an exceptional defensive match against the Glastonbury Tomahawks.