Interview With Senior Administrator, Brittany Diaz


Kyle Garneau

I sat down with Brittany Diaz this week and asked her a few questions about her time as a writer and editor and how it has impacted her. Brittany is currently an editor and administrator here at the Bobcat Prowl. She also loves to play her cello, volunteer, and advocate for the marginalized. Brittany plans on becoming a lawyer and is currently enrolled at UConn for the fall. On top of her time her at the Prowl, she has participated in many clubs here at SWHS: like the anti-bullying club, debate, jump-start, student council, and math team.

Why do you feel it is necessary for young people to voice their opinions?

“The youth equals the future! I cannot stress that enough. In the past our voice has been silenced by those who run the house and now it is our turn to make a difference. I think it’s a beautiful thing to see young adults my age being so politically involved – it shows that we care and we are willing to make a change for the better.”

How has journalism expanded your understanding of the world?

“Journalism has expanded my knowledge greatly. It was difficult for me at first to write briefly since I was so used to persuasive writing. Now that I have improved my writing, it has forced me to understand politics. It has also become much easier to detect fake news as well!”  

How would you describe the environment here at the Bobcat Prowl?

“The environment here at the Bobcat Prowl is quite interesting! Our class is filled with many politically aware teens and sometimes the environment can be very hectic, in a good way of course! Even though we are always feuding about the latest trends and policy changes, our team holds a strong bond.”