New Marvel Movie Has the World Running to Theaters

New Marvel Movie Has the World Running to Theaters

Andrew Capossela

Marvel Studios has released one of the biggest Marvels film to date and people can not get enough of it.

“Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” made an estimated $630 million at the worldwide box office for its opening weekend, according to Disney (DIS). That shatters the record for biggest worldwide opening held by Universal’s “The Fate of the Furious,” which made $541 million for its global opening last year,” according

This movie incorporates the plots of over 72 Marvels characters who we have been introduced to since 2008.  The movie introduces the villain Thanos and his generals, the Black Order, as they try can get a hold of all the infinity stones in the galaxy so that Thanos can have all the power in the world.

“So many people have told me not to even mention how the movie started, that’s how badly people do not want it spoiled for them,” said one student.  

Many people are so excited to see this movie and are also very excited for what is to come with the Marvel Universe.  It has already released plans to film 4 more very important movies in their series and fans can not wait to go to theaters to see all of this fantastic films.