The Montville High School Fight Club Controversy


Kyle Garneau

Video surfaced of a fight club from October ran out of substitute teacher, Ryan Fish’s math class in Montville, Connecticut. Fish has since been charged on two counts of risk of injury to a child along with four counts of reckless endangerment and one count of breach of peace.

Fish believed that by allowing the fight club to occur, he could allow the participants to “be teenagers and let them get their energy out.” He later confessed to even egging on the fights, with instances of prolonging the fights by moving obstacles and making sure that the door was clear. There was also reports of students not present in his class participating in what seemed to be uneven matches. In one fight, a student received a bloody lip, causing him to slip, which caused Fish to temporarily stop the fight until the student regained ground. He later regretted his action, calling himself an “idiot” and blamed his age (22 at the time) in relevance to the teens in causing his actions. He also talked about using marijuana and other drugs, along with sharing his snapchat to the students.

What may be equally as troubling is the response prompted from the administration. Once the fight club was brought to the attention of Superintendent, Brian Levesque, the only action taken was the firing of Fish. Levesque claimed that he didn’t believe that was a need for police at the time, but if he knew what he knew now, he would of reported it to the police.   Levesque also claimed that no students were injured; however in the warrant for the sub’s arrest, it states that a student received a bloody nose, one vomited and another suffered emotional trauma from being beaten and mugged.

The Principal Jeffrey Theodoss and Assistant Principal Tatiana Patton were also aware of the situation, informing Levesque of the situation that ultimately led to the firing of Fish on October 10th. When police were informed of the situation, Levesque initially refused to hand over all information they had on the situation without a warrant, which was obtained, which is where the information stated above comes from. Police may have never been informed if the school’s resource officer and the social workers hadn’t realize the trauma of the student that was mugged. The three administration officials have since been arrested and put on leave.