Mind’s Eye March Coffee House


Katie Cole

Mind’s Eye Arts and Literary Club hosted what many are calling the best coffee house of the year Thursday, March 29th. With another lineup of incredibly talented SWHS student and staff performers paired with the largest crowd in recent memory, this coffee house was an event to remember.

With both repeat performers and newcomers, the night began strongly with an original song written and sung by Noah Frank. Noah wasn’t the only one to perform music, Megan Phadeal sang and played pop-song ‘Lost Boy,’ Nick Palladino made up a moving piano composition on the spot, the Treble Choir girls treated those in attendance to an acapella performance, and local band Letterhead performed their original ‘Setbacks’ which pumped up the crowd.

There was no shortage of poetry readings as well. Taylor Kerce performed an impressive four original poems, along with Ms. Pieratti, Skyler Perneau, Katie Cole, and Grace Helmke.

One of the most notable performances of the night was a poem penned by Brian Griswold written 10 minutes before he took the stage. The poem had a surprising topic; his friend and fellow senior Griffin Cox’s car. “As I walk by, I watch as he comes and he goes,/ Searching for a space in the parking lot rows./ Not an opening to be found, from where he could survey,/He must swallow his pride, and go to lower Duprey,” Griswold read, causing the crowd to uproar in cheers and laughter. Griswold was definitely not alone in receiving a raucous applause, with the incredibly supportive audience letting out whoops and claps for everyone brave enough to share their work.

The next Coffee House is set to be in May at an undetermined date. The April 26th date has been pushed back for scheduling conflicts.

Video: https://youtu.be/QDMC_eUAgFE